Sales Partner


Sales Partner

M2-Automation is a leader in the field of micro-dispensing. We create the most advanced and tailored liquid handling automation solutions, and our product portfolio is a testament to our success.

Our team of engineers are experts in their fields, and we specialise in the accurate contact and non-contact dispensing of picolitre, nanolitre and microlitre aliquots of chemical and biological solutions or suspensions. We also specialise in creative, cutting-edge hardware and intuitive, user-friendly software solutions.


Array Printservice

Our sales partner, M24You, is solely responsible for the sales of M2-Automation products. Therefore, if you’re interested in becoming a distributor, please send an email to:

M2-Automation Technology & Innovation

Call Us at +49 30 856 11 939 0 and check out our great features.


Customers and co-operation partners

HTW Berlin
Ruhr Uni Bochum
Microfluidic Chipshop
George Washington University
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