Your Success Is Our Priority

Global Service and Support

We're committed to your success, which is why we provide prompt, on-demand technical support worldwide, including proactive maintenance. What sets us apart is that we don't rely on ticket systems or call centers. When you reach out, you'll receive support from a dedicated expert who is already familiar with your system due to prior interactions. Whether you have questions or need assistance, we're just a call or email away, and we will do all that we can to help you to achieve your goals and get the best out of our instruments.

Training Options

Choose from remote or on-site training based on your preference. We offer basic training for new customers, equipping you with essential skills, and we provide advanced training for experienced customers, allowing you to dive deeper into your applications. Our expert trainers are committed to helping you to maximize the potential of our products.

Demo Spotting

At M2-Automation GmbH, we prioritize transparency and real-world results. Our demo spotting services, or feasibility studies, ensure that our Microdispensing Systems seamlessly align with your specific samples and targets. We provide real run times, detailed reports with pictures and videos, and the first half day of the demo is free of charge. Contact us to schedule a demo and experience our technology first-hand.

Contract Manufacturing

We work closely with trusted partners who have the complete range of our Microarray Spotters in their labs. This collaboration allows us to perform pilot production, from a few targets to several thousands, ensuring that our instruments are capable of meeting your specific needs. Partnering with us for your initial production runs at our trusted facilities is a highly effective way to save both time and money, while gaining confidence in the performance of our systems.

Assay Development Services

Do you have a brilliant idea for a diagnostic test or multiplex assay but aren't sure where to start? Get in touch with us. Our trusted partners who specialize in assay development can use our Microdispensing Instruments to make your vision a reality. If you've already started but hit a roadblock, we can help you bring your dreams to fruition. Get in touch with us to explore the possibilities.

Leasing/Rental Options

Explore choices that carry reduced financial risks with our flexible leasing and renting options, which give you the opportunity to thoroughly test our Microarray Printers and services before making a purchase. We value trust in our relationships, and we would be glad to have the opportunity to build it with you in a way that works with your budget and supports the furthering of your goals. Contact us if this sounds like the right path for you.

Software/Hardware Customization

Our skill set is perfectly suited to the task of tailoring your Liquid-Handling System to your specific needs. Whether you have particular quality control features that must be integrated into the software or need additional hardware components, such as a UV curing light, we have the expertise to help you successfully achieve your objectives. Your unique requirements are a priority, and you can rely on our dedicated team to fulfil them.