Services for our customers

Hardware and software training

We offer a two days hardware and software training course for up to 3 users after instrument installation at our customer’s premises.

The training helps to get familiar with the hardware and software.

It provides a good start for new customers that have no or not much experience with the installed instrumentation. This training is adapted to your specific application.

Advanced training

On top of the first training, we offer an extra two days training course, which usually takes place after the customer has gathered some experience with the new instrumentation. The goal here is a deeper understanding of the spotting technology and their application.

This training can be ordered separately.

Telephone support

Next to a physical support, we also provide a telephone support for our customers for their instrument performance and application.

Array Printservice

Contract Manufacturing Service, we save your time and money

Our customers are working on all kind of different applications and for this reason M2-Automation provides you tailor-made solutions for all your Liquid Handling/ - Automation needs in different fields of IVD, miniaturization of assays or microarrays.

We offer you the ability to test your application in a Demonstration Test spotting or Production on Pilot Scale level, by enabling you a Contract Manufacturing Service (CMS) in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer IZI-BB Institute in Potsdam-Golm.

By using our state of the art iONE or iTWO spotting technology with an inline QC software for producing the highest quality of microarrays within a Climate Controlled environment, we are able to offer you the ability to outsource your development and production to our CMService, next to our regular service of Technology-/ Solution provider.

With better price/ performance ratio, short production cycle times and an outstanding quality/ quality control, we will be able to support you in your production and enable you to focus on your core business, e.g. marketing of your valuable products.