TCR(m) Drug Development in Immune-Oncology

BioCopy focuses on the development of TCR(m)-based, immuno-oncology drugs.

The BioCopy platform technology is based on a patented process for the fabrication of complex microarrays. They comprise thousands of complex biological molecules such as pHLAs used for efficacy screening of immuno-oncology drug candidates, in particular TCR(m).

The heart of the platform is the proprietary SCORE (Single COlor REflectometry) technology, which needs perfect arrays for the precise measurement of every single spot on the microarray.

Images above: Insertion of array into SCORE device - Copyright BioCopy GmbH

The instrumentTWO from M2-Automation works hand in hand with BioCopy’s cutting-edge technology for the fabrication of high-quality microarrays. M2 Automation’s printers perfectly complement the BioCopy process.

Image above: Spotting of microarrays - Copyright BioCopy GmbH

Link to BioCopy technology page, including movie: here