iZERO production line


just the right size for your application

micro-array spotter, low-volume dispensing systmes, picoliter spotter, picolitre arrayer

M2-Automation’s systems provide the option for a variety of speed, precision and size requirements.  In addition, the equipment and extension possibilities mean that they can be perfectly tailored to the specific needs of individual applications.

All of our instruments have their advantages and specialisms in different areas, and the great thing about our intuitive and user-friendly operating software, InDot, is that it runs on all of our machines.

Learn more about each one of our instruments and the many options and possibilities available for each one.  The perfect solution for your application could be just a click away.


compact R&D system without cutting back on performance and flexibility


ultra-fast, high-precision, production system with 3 linear drives


fully flexible, scalable and highly automated production environment

iFour provided by M2-Instruments

compact cube of just 50 cm offering a working area of 200 x 220 mm