The In-line Production Environment


The iZERO encapsulates the unique value of M2-Automation’s technology, contained within a fully flexible, scalable, and highly automated production environment. Without the need to change or reprogram the entire setting during production, the remote-controlled software handles a variety of different products and protocols with ease.

From a few dozen to several thousand targets produced per day, this in-line-production microarray-spotter system reduces the changeover time to a minimum, while maximizing its productive capacity. This makes it the obvious choice to spot your future!

The iZERO can operate all Microdispensers from the M2-Family.

Key Features

  • Supports all dispenser types
  • Built-in Windows PC
  • Database connection
  • Washing and drying station
  • Head camera for in-line QC
  • 2D or 3D droplet imaging
  • Cooling/heating of source area
  • HEPA filter system with flow control
  • De-ionizer
  • Dual-active feed through transfer system
  • Orbital shaker for source plates
  • On-the-fly dispensing
  • µm Z-level distance sensor
  • Analytical balance for volume control
  • Complete customizations available


Starting with a single iZERO unit, M2-Automation’s extendable production line is able to address all needs, ranging from an early pilot phase to automated, well-engineered production.

Reel-to-Reel Applications

The iZERO architecture allows for pass-through of materials to be spotted. This can be from a conveyor belt, or from a reel.

A common reel-to-reel application is for the production of multiplex lateral-flow devices. A multi-channel print head can spot the membrane at varying speeds.

Other applications include spotting on flexible circuits, such as those used in wearable sensors.

User-Friendly Software

The iZERO is controlled using comprehensive, easy-to-use software that makes the setting up of experiments an effortless process. The software is largely image-based and it reflects the instrument layout, providing a self-explanatory, systematic workflow to create, save and distribute custom-specific production protocols.

Custom Options

Optionally, the iZERO can be equipped with a variety of options:

  • HEPA filter system
  • Barcode scanner
  • UV-lamp
  • De-ionizer
  • Temperature control

Technical Data

Printable Area
x 400 mm
y 300 mm

Travel Range
x 400 mm
y 400 mm
z 80 mm

w 85 cm
d 150 cm
h 248 cm

500 kg

Axis Speed
x 700 mm/s
y 700 mm/s
z 700 mm/s

x 8000 mm/s2
y 8000 mm/s2
z 8000 mm/s2

Axis Resolution
1 μm

Position Repeatability
+- 3 μm

Source Formats:
96-, 384-, 1536-MTP
3x8-well stripes (well volume 200 μL)
5x13-well chip (well volume 100 μL)
Reagent vials of 0.5 to 1.5 ml

65 glass slides
9 MTPs
Microfluidics, wafers, membranes
Customized targets