Application Examples

Infinite Possibilities

Here is a small selection of application examples to make it clear how diverse the areas of application are for our technology.

BioCopy - TCR(m) Drug Development in Immune-Oncology

BioCopy technology is based on a patented process for the fabrication of complex microarrays. The heart of the platform is the proprietary SCORE (Single COlor REflectometry) technology.

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MADx - Protein Microarray Dispensing of Bead Solutions

Learn more about what our multi-channel dispensing technology is capable of and how it's playing an important role in the revolution in allergy diagnostics!

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QuLab - Real-Time Nano-Sensing for Continuous Multi-Metabolite Monitoring

The iTWO-200 is the ideal choice for research and development or small-scale production. Take a few moments to read this application note to find out why.

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UNIMORE - Quantitative Assay: Protein Microarray

This is an example of how our iONE-600 dispensing instrument offers the accuracy, speed and robustness needed for the production of high-quality protein microarrays.

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Innobiochips - Innovative Multiplex Immunoassay

M2-Automation's iONE-1200 is the high-throughput production system used in this application. Delve deeper to discover what it's used for and to learn more about InDot, our unique instrument-control software.

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