The Control Software for All Instruments

InDot Software

InDot is the unique software package from M2-Automation, created to control all of our Instruments and Microdispensers for a consistent user experience.

It’s an intuitive, innovative and inspiring way to create Dots of samples in any formation and position on substrates.

All in all, this highly flexible, sophisticated, easy-to-use, instrument-control software means that users can set up experiments with ease, speed and confidence, every time.

Key Features

  • Self-explanatory user interfaces
  • Operates under Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10
  • High resolution front end of 1920x1080 pixel
  • Incredible flexibility of function and simplicity of use
  • User account handling to protect the work of individual users
  • Support for all non-contact and contact printing instruments
  • Nested run sequences for every conceivable set-up scenario

Simple to Use

In order to meet specific and individual needs for the creation of customized procedures and personalized array layouts, InDot is both comprehensive in function and simple to use. In essence, it’s an image-based software that reflects the instrument layout and provides a self-explanatory, systematic workflow for experiment creation.

User-Friendly Design

The logical, user-friendly design along with the uncomplicated user interface make InDot highly flexible and suitable for many types of experiment. These excellent features provide the user with maximum control, while InDot’s range of color schemes for source plates and target substrates allow the user to find individual components instantly by simply referencing the color code.

Tuning Dispensing Parameters of a PDMD

InDot employs real-time image analysis for droplet detection, droplet volume and velocity determination, as well as analysis of its flight path. If it is not 100% straight, the software precisely determines the degree of deflection as a basis to decide whether it is acceptable or a cleaning procedure needs to be applied. Even auto-tuning of the dispense parameters is available.



InDot controls are straightforward and streamlined:

  • Backward and forward navigation
  • Save, load, apply, alter and design using the mouse
  • Double-click on drawings and right-click-hold to move panel content
  • Change digits and zoom in and out using the scroll wheel

DXF-File Import Function

Some of our customers design their targets with the aid of a CAD software solution. For them, it simplifies their workflow if the current design, including the target positions for liquid deposition, can be directly used with our instruments. To facilitate that, InDot supports the import of DXF files, which are a common export format for CAD programmes.


Design a Target

Designing a target with InDot means the user is able to create any kind of target with almost no limitations, starting with the default settings of a standard slide. The size of the target, followed by the size of the print area, must first be defined. Next comes the determination of the numbers and then the size and position of the fields on the target.

Design a Run

Creating a run is easy. First, select your task, then drag the corresponding tile to the intended position and drop it. Give the run a name, save it, and start immediately.  Before designing a run, all necessary tasks, e.g. sample handling, source selection, wash-step design, target and pattern design, must be completed in advance and then placed in the correct chronological order, in the form of tiles.