Instrument Two detail view

instrumentTWO Series

The instrumentTWO-300P series is M2-Automation’s newest addition to the family. Providing its users with a broad range of custom-tailored solutions, the iTWO-300P is ready for any challenge to come. With a large area for production and an improved repeated positioning it is the ideal choice for research and development or small-scale production.

Of course, additional new options like the heatable M2-Dispenser for higher viscous samples, the contact-based Pin-Dispenser, a vacuum table, humidity control are only a few options that you can combine with our established technologies like the Quattro-Dispensing or the online-QC as well as a variety of camera options.

Key Features

  • Quattro-Dispensing Technology
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Built-in PC
  • Built-in pressure and vacuum control
  • Brand new modular InDot software
  • Windows 10 ready
  • Optional high-duty mobility table

High Performance Entry Level

The iTWO-300P is M2-Automation’s entry-level system without cutting back on performance and flexibility. It is a fully customizable system that can be used to tailor a solution that suits exactly your needs. Starting as a very basic model it can be upgraded to a fully automated high-end liquid handling system of utmost performance. If you have any questions or need consulting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Workspace Layout / Configuration

In its compact design the iTWO series can house everything your process needs. Starting with a precision axis system compatible with our Quattro-Dispensing Technology each iTWO can be modified with a variety of support systems for complete environment and process control.

  • Humidity control
  • External pump support
  • Online QC



The iTWO can also be upgraded with one of our ultra-smooth vacuum tables and provide you with the ability to print directly printing on membranes, glass slides and planar films.

  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • System pressure control
  • Target Temperature control


Layout configuration

Beside its size, iTWO offers a high amount of flexibility and is capable to handle a variety of possible layout configurations.

  • Microtiter plate
  • Direct surface spotting


Common Applications

  • Lab-on-a-Chip / dipsticks
  • Compound library screening
  • Bio-sensors
  • Drug discovery / immunoassays
  • Cell transfection assays
  • Lateral flow applications

Technical Data

Printable Area
x 150..180 mm
y 300 mm

Travel Range
x 250 mm
y 300 mm
z 100 mm

w 110 cm
d 75 cm
h 110 cm

150 kg

Axis Speed
x 750 mm/s
y 750 mm/s
z 350 mm/s

x 4000 mm/s2
y 4000 mm/s2
z 2000 mm/s2

Axis Resolution
1 µm

Position Repeatability
+-5 µm

Source formats:
96-, 384-, 1536-MTP
2x 24-well chip (well volume 100 μL)
2x 65-well chip (well volume 25 μL)
reagent vials of 500 µL
cartridge dispensing from 2-20 mL vial (M2-Dispenser M2MD-C)

4 MTP sized target holder e.g. each for 4 glass microscope slides
1 planar target holder for up to 28 slides or 1 planar target holder for wafers/ membranes up to 180x300 mm or 215x215 mm