Instrument Two detail view


the flexible R&D system


The instrumentTWO-300P providing its users with a broad range of features, the iTWO-300P is ready for any challenge to come. With a large area for production and an improved repeated positioning it is the ideal choice for research and development or small-scale production.

Of course, additional new options like contact-based dispenser, a vacuum table, humidity control, de-ionizer are only a few options that you can combine with our established technologies like the online-QC as well as a variety of camera options.

Key Features

  • Supports all dispenser types
  • Built-in Windows PC
  • Humidity control, particle-free
  • Wash and drying Station
  • Head camera for In-line QC
  • 2D Droplet imaging
  • Optional high-duty mobility table
  • cooling/heating of source and target
  • HEPA filter system with flow control
  • De-Ionizer
  • Vacuum table

High Performance Entry Level

The iTWO-300P is M2-Automation’s entry-level system without cutting back on performance and flexibility. It is a fully customizable system that can be used to tailor a solution that suits exactly your needs. Starting as a very basic model it can be upgraded to a fully automated high-end liquid handling system of utmost performance.

The system with the best flexibilty / footprint ratio.

Instrument Configuration

In its compact design the iTWO series can house everything your process needs. Starting with a precision axis system each iTWO can be modified with a variety of support systems for complete environment and process control.

  • Humidity control, particle free
  • Two types of syringe pumps for aspirate/dispense
  • Multiple cameras for inline-QC


Target Area Options

The target of the iTWO-300P can be equipped with one of our ultra-smooth vacuum tables, a planar target holder or MTP`s. This provides the system with the ability to print directly on membranes, glass slides, planar films, biosensors or microfluidic applications. All target options can be temerature controlled.

  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Target Temperature control


Source Area Options

In order to make the most out of the deck space there a multiple deck layouts possible. For high amounts of samples two MTP`s can be used while still having a big target area available. Different volumes and amounts of your samples the iTWO can handle it.

  • Microtiter plate, 8-well stripes or both
  • Source Temperature control


Technical Data

Printable Area
x 150 to 180 mm
y 300 mm

Travel Range
x 250 mm
y 300 mm
z 100 mm

w 110 cm
d 75 cm
h 110 cm

150 kg

Axis Speed
x 750 mm/s
y 750 mm/s
z 350 mm/s

x 4000 mm/s2
y 4000 mm/s2
z 2000 mm/s2

Axis Resolution
1 µm

Position Repeatability
+- 5 µm

Source formats:
96-, 384-, 1536-MTP
3x8-well stripes (well volume 200 μL)
5x13-well chip (well volume 100 μL)
reagent vials of 0.5 to 1.5 ml

Target Formats:
4 MTP target holder
vacuum table for up to 28 slides or 180x300 mm
planar target holder for up to 28 slides or 180x300 mm
your customized target holder 250x250 mm or 180x300 mm