Real-Time Nano-Sensing

Real-Time Nano-Sensing for Continuous Multi-Metabolite Monitoring

QuLab Medical Ltd, a medical technology company based in Tel Aviv, enables personalised metabolic profiling through their diagnostics and biosensor technology. Their vision is to revolutionise disease prevention, early diagnosis, and management by Bringing Multi Parametric Continuous Metabolic monitoring (to Everyone).

For QuLab, the individual needs of their users are of paramount importance, which is why they aim to offer a complete solution that is rooted in those needs.

Their approach is unique, in that it leverages proprietary silicon nano-sensing technology, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and data science from the worlds of nano-engineering and predictive analytics, and their platform is a gateway technology relevant to the management and prevention of multiple diseases and conditions.

QuLab’s nano-sensor-based patch is minimally invasive and small in size. The continuous metabolic data should allow more informed health choices. FirstQ – a wearable sensor is affordable and easy to use, and it entails monitoring a range of metabolites and biomarkers simultaneously, in real-time, capturing personal metabolic profile.

The instrumentTWO-200 series is M2- Automation’s R&D system

The instrumentTWO series is M2-Automation’s R&D system, and it’s the system chosen by QuLab to carry out their important work. Providing its users with a broad range of custom-tailored solutions, and with a large area for production and an improved repeated positioning, the iTWO-200 is the ideal choice for research and development or small-scale production.

QuLab uses M2- Automation’s iTWO-200 for the dispensing of their specific biomolecules to the nano-sensor surface using our picoliter dispenser. This enables the nano-sensor to measure the different analytes.