Disposable Plastic Biochip (Closeup)


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low volume micro dispenser with large volume range, micro-array spotter heads dispenser nozzles

One of M2-Automation's core technologies, and part of every Microarray-Spotter setup, is our Microdispensing Technology. Providing a volume range from picolitre to microlitre, it's suited to a variety of applications. Our contact and non-contact dispensers are capable of handling tiny volumes of the most sensitive or very expensive samples, including solutions of all kinds of biomolecules or chemical reagents, and even suspensions of living cells and small, solid particles.

All M2-Automation instruments support all three microdispensers.  Also, switching from one to the other is simple, and it does not require any tools. So there’s no need to buy a second instrument when working with picolitre, nanolitre and low-microlitre volumes.


non-contact Piezo-Driven MicroDispenser

PinDMD - pL to nL

contact-based Pin-Driven MicroDispenser

M2MD - nL to µL

non-contact M2-MicroDispenser