Choose One or Multiple for Your Instrument

picoliter and nanoliter, contact and non-contact microdispenser mounted on one Microarray spotter

Embedded within M2-Automation's core technologies and integral to every Microarray-Spotter setup is our microdispensing technology. It covers a range of volumes, extending from picoliters to microliters, rendering it ideally suited for a diverse range of applications that require low-volume dispensing. Our comprehensive range of contact and non-contact dispensers adeptly manage ultra-small volumes of sensitive or precious samples. This encompasses an array of biomolecule solutions, chemical reagents, suspensions of live cells, and small, solid particles.

An exceptional feature lies in the seamless integration of all three microdispensers across all M2-Automation instruments. Transitions between these dispensing methods are easy and tool-free, obviating the necessity to acquire a supplementary instrument when operating within the realms of picoliter, nanoliter and low-microliter volumes.


non-contact Piezo-Driven MicroDispenser

Picoliter to Nanoliter

contact-based Pin-Driven MicroDispenser

Nanoliter to Microliter

non-contact M2-MicroDispenser