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20 Years of Experience

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Welcome to M2-Automation GmbH, your trusted provider of premium Microdispensing Instruments, proudly Made in Berlin. Since 2003, we've been revolutionizing ultra-low-volume dispensing, delivering precision and reliability that customers depend on.

Global Precision, Local Care

Customers across the globe, including a strong presence in America via our US-based partner, axiVEND, trust us for our first-class products. With several hundred systems sold worldwide and a global reach, we offer sales, service, and support that can be tailored to your needs, wherever you are.

Our Mission Is Simple

We provide the perfect solution and exceptional customer service, ensuring that our dedication to excellent results is not just the right solution, but the one that guarantees success, and leaves our customers delighted.

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Get in touch with our dedicated team of experts by calling us on +49 30 856 11 939 0 , sending an email to Email address obfuscated. Please activate Javascript., or sending us a message via our Contact page. Alternatively, check out our FAQ page.

M2-Automation laboratory and team members

For North and South America sales, service and support:
350 E Crown Point Rd, Suite 1020
Winter Garden, FL 34787 US0
Web: www.axivend.com
Phone: +1 833 294 8363
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For China sales, service and support:
APG Bio Ltd.
Room 701, Building 1, Minxin Mansion, NO.358 Youdong Road
Minhang District, Shanghai 201100 China
Web: www.apgbio.com
Phone: +86 21 54583565
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Development History



The in-house designed dehumidifier DHUM is an electrical appliance which reduces the level of humidity in the instrument housing by extracting water from the air. The dehumidifier will keep the relative humidity below 50% under any room conditions.



The in-house developed and designed thermo-generator THEO is a great alternative to commercial available generators. THEO is silent, space-saving and cost-effective. Temperature range: +10 °C up to +40 °C.

iONE 1200

Linear motor axis tuning hand in hand with the supplier improved positioning and performance. Optimization result: 8 positions per second.


Rebranding from M2-Automation Martin Müller to M2-Automation GmbH.

Recovery & Fiducial Recognition

Nobody is perfect but we continuously strive for perfection. Our re-engineered recovery function and new fiducial recognition function allows you to fully automatically check for missing spots and creates a recovery run that spots these missing features. Also your array is always positioned well because of detection and compensation of slight target/substrate changes/misalignments.


InDot Software

The InDot software comes with a logical, intuitive interface and is flexible to meet specific individual needs, ready to incorporate any desirable hard- and software addon

Quattro-Dispensing Technology

This technology combines all four M2-Microdispenser technologies at one universal bracket system. PDMD, M2MD, SDMD and PinDMD - volume range pL up to mL – contact and non-contact

instrumentZERO series

is your modular solution in micro-dispensing and contains everything you value about M2-Automation’s technology e.g. in-line-QC, database connection, barcode scan, Quattro-Jet-Technology …

instrumentTWO-300P series

is M2-Automations entry-level system without cutting back on performance and flexibility. It is a highly flexible system that can be configured on demand


M2 Dispenser V04

M2MD04 combines flow-based and volume displacement technique. M2MD04-T - Temperature control ➔ deviation drops below 2%. M2MD04-CT sample dispensing from Cartridge + Temperature control


The newest humidifying technology guarantees a 99.9% germ-free, dew-point regulated humidity control with a CV of 1%

Contact Spotting Technology

M2-Automations latest innovation resulted in the all new PinDMD contact dispensing technology, which will be available from now on. In combination with the InDot software, transferring samples using a contact based dispenser has never been so easy


iSIX series

with Dual-Head contact and non-contact Printer

M2 Dispenser V03

M2MD03 uses fast fluid displacement as dispensing technique, which is less temperature dependent than a flow-based delivery ➔ volume accuracy <5%



Detection with an accuracy of better than 20µm and obstracle


M2 Dispenser V02

Chemical, highly inert, solenoid driven nL micro-dispenser with an accuracy of 7%

Online droplet detection

Head camera module that detects droplet ejection during sample deposition


Multiple system liquid

and system source selection e.g. H2O and Ethanol without changing connections


Permanent online degassing

for the instrument system liquid


Functionality; automatic well piercing for foil-protected source MTPs

Array imaging

Software module for target QC


M2 Dispenser V01

Chemical, highly inert, solenoid driven nL micro-dispenser


Dual Jet technology

Solenoid and piezo driven micro-dispenser, exchangeable in one instrument



High voltage, high speed arbitrary wave form generator


3 dimensional droplet detection imaging and tracking system



Fastest belt driven XYZ high precision stage system on the market


2 dimensional droplet detection imaging and tracking system


Jet Auto Tuning System and automatic micro-dispenser parametrization