Protein Microarray Dispensing

Protein Microarray Dispensing of Bead Solutions

With MADx (Macro Array Diagnostics) you experience the revolution in allergy diagnostics! You achieve higher specificity thanks to molecular allergens, you cover all relevant allergens with just one analysis run, and all of their systems are digitally connected - 24/7.

MADx is a Vienna based MedTech company that operates on the basis of the internationally recognised and certified quality management systems EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 with defined standards, tested raw materials, components and services.

MADx established a protein microarray based on 300 different bead solutions coated with different allergens. These solutions are dispensed by several instrumentONEs within a 3 x 1.8 cm membrane format (cartridge) using a customized 3-channel nanoliter dispenser.

Read-out systems (ImageXplorer, for smaller or no lab space; and MAX 45k, MAX 9k, for larger lab spaces) have been developed for a convenient analysis of human blood by determining IgE against 300 allergens in one step.

With these five iONE-1200s, thousands of allergen panels are produced daily in the MADx lab, showing how well M2-Automation’s iONE series can be used for contactless dispensing on planar surfaces.