instrument031 Multichannel Dispenser

Flexible Non-Contact Liquid Handling Solution

i031 Multichannel Dispenser

The Multichannel Dispenser is a highly flexible non-contact liquid handling solution for the chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry as well as public research facilities.

It enables the automation of many kinds of liquid handling applications in μL and mL volume ranges.

Key Features

  • Modular and extendable technology (1-10 dispensing units)
  • Up to 10 different experiments in parallel, 10 users using the same instrument the same time
  • Up to 20 different liquids for one experiment
  • Experiments can be programmed while others are running
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemical and biological liquids

instrument031 Multichannel Dispenser

Non-contact High Precision Dispenser for on-demand Liquid Addition

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More about the Multichannel Dispenser

Liquid addition on demand: The core elements of each dispenser unit are two digitally controlled pumps that, on demand, dispense all kinds of chemical or biological liquids as individual droplets, each with a constant volume of 0.01 mL (digital liquid handling).

Up to 10 droplets can be dispensed per second, resulting in a maximum flow rate of 6 mL/min per dispense channel. Higher flow rates can be achieved by combining two or more dispense channels.

Digital non-contact liquid addition:
On demand, the liquid is ejected as individual 0,01ml droplets out of the open end of a long capillary (up to 1 m). The droplets fly through the air on a straight trajectory towards the target experiment (solution). Therefore, the dispenser tip does not come into contact with the reaction solution (no uncontrolled leakage of liquid into the running experiment before and after the desired additions). Liquid addition over time is programmed with a simple, easy-to-use software interface.

The result is a list of dispense commands for each dispense channel that are executed at time points defined by the user. Each command contains the volume to be dispensed and the corresponding flow rate (dispense frequency) or time period over which the liquid is to be added.

Experiments can be programmed while others are running. Up to 20 different liquids (10 dispenser units) can be added to one experiment. Alternatively, up to 10 different experiments can be supplied with two liquids in parallel.

The Multichannel Dispenser is a highly chemically inert liquid handling solution that is compatible with a broad range of chemical and biological liquids.

  • multichannel dispenser for automatic labrotory solutions
  • Common Applications

    • Initiate on demand chemical or biological reactions
    • Programmable non-contact addition of liquid reagents or solutions to running experiments
    • Variation of pH by addition of acidic or alkaline solutions
    • Programmable non-contact dilution
    programmable non-contact dilution with multichannel dispensing system

    Technical Data

    Drive Range (X/Y/Z)

    Basic = 1 Controller & 1 Dispenser Unit
    Extension I: max. 4 add. Dispenser Units
    Extension II: 1 add. Controller & 6 - 10
    add. Dispenser Units

    Dimensions (W/D/H)

    from 112mm/ 171mm / 262,5mm
    to 312mm/ 171mm/ 262,5mm

    Weight (kg)

    1 Controller = 0,8 kg
    1 Dispenser Unit = 1,6 kg

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