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Application Solenoid Microdispense for LC-MALDI Sample

Application Solenoid Microdispense

Solenoid Microdispenser for LC-MALDI Sample: Use of Solenoid Micro-Dispense Technology for LC-MALDI Sample Preparation in Proteomics


  • An LC-MALDI interface that is robust and easy to use
  • Contact-free fractionation
  • High sensitivity and reproducibility

With the development of MALDI-TOF/TOF instruments that operate at acquisition rates of up to 1,000 Hz, LC-MALDI MS has become a viable alternative to LC-ESI-MS for many proteomic and peptidomic applications. Despite this, LC-MALDI-MS is nowhere near as widely used as LC-ESI-MS.

We believe that an important reason for this is the robustness and ease of use of the LCMALDI interface. Currently available LC-MALDI interfaces utilizing syringe pumps to tee in matrix solution, and fractionating by contact deposition, are prone to interruptions caused by matrix crystallization in the interface and low tolerance to deviations in the x-y-z calibration of the fraction collector.

In a bid to meet demands for robustness and consistency of performance of LC-MALDI MS, we have developed an LC-MALDI interface that utilises solenoid-valve micro-dispensing jets for contact-free deposition of analyte and matrix on the MALDI sample plate.

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LC-MALDI  sample preparation proteomics iTWO  LC fraction collection matrix LC-MALDI-MS

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