i301 Liquid Processor

Microarray and Blot Membrane Processor

i301 Liquid Processor

instrument301 is an automation solution for processing microarrays or blot membranes. This includes all washing steps and downstream reactions, e.g. incubation with a secondary or tertiary antibody. Each unit can process 1–4 microarrays or small membranes (slide format) or two medium-sized or one large membrane (max. 13.5 x 8.0 cm). 5 units can be connected to extend the processing capacity to 20 slides or 5 large membranes.

Accurate, non-contact addition of all liquids minimizes sample carryover between individual processing steps improving the washing efficiency and reducing the overall processing time. The liquid is driven through the supply line with a regulated positive pressure and a high-quality pinch valve controls the flow.

Key Features

  • Compact size, flexible configuration
  • 2 – 4 liquid supply lines
  • Orbital shaking
  • Temporary tilting for quantitative liquid removal
  • Optional cooling or heating (max. 6 – 60°C)
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software for quick experiment set-up

i301Liquid Processor

Non-Contact Liquid Supply

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i301 Liquid Processor

The Immune Proteomics group of the Medizinisches Proteom-Center (Medical Proteom-Center) of the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany uses 5 instrument301 to process up to 20 Human ProtoArrays® V 5.0 (Life Technologies, USA) or self-made protein microarrays in one run. In these experiments human sera are screened for disease specific autoantibodies, which are detected by a secondary, fluorescently labeled antibody.

All units are PC controlled and include a three channel on demand non-contact liquid supply, a liquid removal, Peltier driven cooling, orbital shaking as well as tilting of the slide tray to enable quantitative removal of the liquid past each processing step. A typical experiment includes slide blocking, a brief wash, serum incubation, 5 washes, incubation with the secondary antibody followed by another 5 washes.

Incubation times, volumes and temperatures can be individually set within the instrument control software. An intuitive graphical user interface allows setting up a complete new method or modifying an existing run by a few simple mouse clicks. Smart wizards and automation scripts take care of washing, cleaning and disinfection of all components.

  • i301 liquid processor washer processing biochips blot membranes customized targets Human ProtoArrays incubation blocking
  • Common Applications

    • Processing of biochips: protein, DNA, cell and other microarrays
    • Processing of all kind of blot membranes, especially Western Blots
    • Processing of glass or plastic slides or other formats
    i301 liquid processor washer processing biochips blot membranes customized targets Human ProtoArrays® incubation blocking

    Technical Data

    Dimensions (W/D/H)

    1 unit stand alone;
    W 22cm, D 40cm, H 18cm

    Weight (kg)

    approx. 9kg

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