instrumentTWO TXRF

Micro-Dispensing Instrument for TXRF Sample Preparation

instrumentTWO TXRF

instrumentTWO TXRF is an economically priced non-contact liquid handling solution for total reflection x-ray fluorescence sample preparation.

Preparation of thin layers: The sample solution or suspension is printed as a dense carpet of tiny droplets (e.g. 121 x 10nL) instead of as one large droplet (e.g. 10µL) that is manually deposited onto the target disc. The main benefit of this approach is that the sample is prepared many times on the same area (e.g. 121 times) instead of only once. As a consequence, sample homogeneity is improved, shadow effects are reduced (large crystals, doughnut effect) and, as a result, the reproducibility of TXRF measurements is significantly improved.


heatable disc adapter for txrf non-contact spotter

Key Features

  • Compact size
  • Flexible deck configuration
  • Capacity: 18 target discs (3cm), 16 source vials (0.5mL)
  • Sample preparation: dense carpet of tiny droplets (10nL+)
  • Multiple sample deposition for higher detection sensitivity
  • Optional heating of target discs (50 °C) and support of smaller source vials via adaptor
  • Optional droplet control camera and a second, head-mounted camera for substrate inspection and imaging
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software for quick experiment set-up
  • With variable enclosures or standalone

instrumentTWO TXRF

Non-contact liquid handling solution for total reflection x-ray fluorescence sample preparation

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More about the iTWO™ TXRF

Above printing process can after a user defined waiting time be automatically repeated. The waiting time is typically set such that the samples are dry before the next printing round starts.

How often the sample is printed is defined by the user and determines the total transferred sample volume (e.g. 10 x 121 x 10nL = 12.1µL). For very dilute samples printing them many times on top of each other provides an efficient means to increase the detection sensitivity.

If the heating option is installed and activated the waiting time for complete solvent evaporation between consecutive printing runs can be significantly shortened. For instance, if the discs are heated to 50 °C aqueous samples typically dry already within 5-20 seconds.

Common Applications

  • Preparation of thin crystalline layers (e.g. salt containing solutions)
  • Preparation of homogenous liquid films (e.g. oil containing solutions)
substrateholder for txrf application 2 txrf adapter with heating option in biochip printer

Technical Data

Drive Range (X/Y/Z)

200mm /200mm / 50mm
Speed = 300m/s

Dimensions (W/D/H)

from 45cm / 45cm / 30cm
to 100cm / 73,5cm / 175cm

Weight (kg)

from 45 kg
to 180 kg

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