Latest hybrid spotting technology

instrumentSIX series

Dual Head Technology, which is perfect for multitasking functions, enables massive sample spotting, recovery of single sample spotting and optical inline quality control. The technology combines two different micro-dispensers in one, single instrument:

  • Pin Driven Micro-Dispenser(PinDMD) for pico- to low nanolitre applications, with Dual Head and inline QC for an optimal microarray result
  • Piezo Driven Micro-Dispenser (PDMD) for pico- to low nanolitre applications

M2-Automation’s PinDMD technology is made for low volume protein and DNA microarray printing on different coolable targets under controlled conditions (Climate Control system for controlling temperature, humidity and DEW point).

The instrumentSIX is a flexible system with Ultrasonic, Wash and Dry station that are perfect for the cleaning of the micro-dispensers. The instrument can be equipped with a flexible amount of target glass- or plastic-slides, MTP holders and two coolable sources. The head camera performs inline quality control for finding missed spots, which are respotted with the second single pin head in order to achieve the highest microarray quality.


Key Features

  • High throughput applications
  • High production capacity
  • Automated target and microarray imaging
  • Multi-pin head for quick microarray spotting
  • Accurate spot generation due to latest Pin technology
  • Flexible deck configuration
  • Different instrument sizes
iSIX  spotter printer contact  non contact multi pin head high throughput microarray  ultrasonic wash dry station


The perfect combination of a robust contact Pin spotter with non-contact Piezo dispensing technology, all within one system, for ultimate microarray handling


More about the iSIX™

Intuitive User Interface
Instrument software is the result of more than ten years experience in micro-dispensing and arraying, guiding the user easily through all features such as target layouts, array formatting, reagent and volume settings.

  • Main screen reflects the current instrument status and run configuration
  • Substrate designer assists with designingdispensing patterns via simple mouse click
  • Target access provides single-click access to all target positions for dispensing and imaging
  • Wash designer offers effortless drag and drop programming of wash sequences
  • Real-time imaging and drop observation within run
  • Individual dispense parameter for every sample in a run

Instrument Applications
Our instruments are designed for a broad spectrum of applications.

Common Applications

  • DNA, protein and cell microarrays
  • Glycan spotting
  • Cell transfection arrays
  • MALDI-MS sample preparation
  • Diagnostic biochips, Lab on a Chip
  • Diagnostic biomarker and microbiology assays on multiple substrates (e.g.slide, MTP, NC membranes)
  • Drug discovery, e.g. small volume GPCR assays, immunoassays
  • Screening of compound libraries
  • Spotting to custom-specific substrates and formats
  • Semi conductors
iSIX  spotter printer contact  non contact multi pin head high throughput microarray  ultrasonic wash dry station
iSIX  spotter printer contact  non contact multi pin head high throughput microarray  ultrasonic wash dry station

Components and Features

There are many options available to your microdispenser system. We’re sure that we can help you to find exactly what you need.

Components & Features

Technical Data

Drive Range (X/Y/Z)

400-600-1000mm/ 300mm/ 25mm

Dimensions (W/D/H)

60cm/ 60 cm/ 160cm

Weight (kg)

from 95 kg

M2-Automation Technology & Innovation

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