i602 filling machine filling up bottles with liquid


iFilling is the most recently developed filling machine from M2-Automation. Optimized for aliquoting a variety of liquids into adjustable trays suited for ELISA, cell media and other standard bottles. Controlled by an integrated computer, iFilling is extremely user-friendly and provides immediate full-screen access upon activation.

The initialization phase for filling requires only 30 seconds in total while each tray has its own unique bottle definition.

iFilling can process liquids in a broad range of viscosities and properties, including organic solvents or other sensitive media.

Key Features

  • Highly flexible volume range
  • Reduced lab space
  • Flexible deck configuration of bottles
  • Volume range: 0.1 mL to 500 mL
  • User-friendly software application

Intuitive user interface

iFilling is operated by an M2 developed software. Providing an intuitive user interface, it guides the user though all features such as bottle and volume setting.

Custom configuration

Bottle layout, variety within the system layout and capacity levels for filling are all specified at each production stage by the needs of the customer, then fully automated and integrated into the filling lines.

Process Control

All process parameters are constantly visualized on the Main Screen including the current instrument status as well as the run configuration. Providing a complete overview during production and giving you full control.

User-friendly software

iFilling is outfitted with a intuitive software. Simply choosing the bottle and the colour of the pipet set will show a selection of the possible volume ranges. Reducing the time for process creation into a matter of minutes.


Due to its adjustable trays and its flexible software iFilling can support a wide range of application including training purposes, handling of limited or sensitive solvents as well as full scale production.

The choice is yours – your scale is the limit.


Common Applications

  • Aliquoting bulk solutions into smaller portions
  • Filling vials, vessels amd bottles for ELISA production
  • Filling spray bottles for medical applications
  • Filling cosmetics
  • Filling liquid reference materials

Technical Data

Printable Area
x 100 cm
y 50 cm

Drive Range
x 110 cm
y 60 cm
z 20 cm

w 190 cm
d 82 cm
h 160 cm

150 kg

400 mm/s

Position Repeatability

Source formats
all kinds of containers, bottles, tubes (provided by customer)

vials, cups, bottles, tubes from 0,1ml up to 500ml