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M2-Automation's core focus and competency lies in the field of low-volume, microarray-spotting instruments.

We provide various configurations and micro dispensers to help you create the perfect platform for your Lab-on-a-Chip applications, DNA and protein microarray spotting, biochip functionalisation and diagnostic membrane array printing.

Additionally, since our robots are very complex and interdisciplinary, we also excel in many other fields of automation, such as image analysis, hardware and electronics, software and general process optimisation. Whatever type of solution you need, M2 can help.

Liquid Handling Products


A fully flexible, scalable and highly automated production environment


Ultra-fast, high-precision, non-contact liquid handling system


M2-Automation’s newest addition to the family


A star is born! InDot is the new, unique software package from M2-Automation.


Most recently developed filling machine from M2-Automation

Dispensing Technology

At M2-Automation, we offer both non-contact and contact microarray dispensers.

What our clients say

We use several M2-Automation spotters for our production of protein microarrays.  A clean print image and the impressive speed of the iONE series were key factors in our purchasing decisions. The team at M2-Automation are always there when support or help is needed, and we are very glad to work with them and to use their first-class biotech in our own work.  We highly recommend them.

Georg Mitterer
COO of MacroArray Diagnostics GmbH, Austria

Als Hersteller von Blutanalysetechnik sind wir auf präzise und robuste Fertigungstechnologien angewiesen. Mit M2-Automation haben wir einen zuverlässigen deutschen Partner gefunden der uns bei der Qualifizierung des Dispensiersystems sehr entgegenkommend unterstützt hat.  Jegliche Sonderwünsche waren problemlos möglich, so dass wir unsere Idealvorstellung kompromissfrei umsetzen konnten. Den schnellen Service von M2-Automation bei nachträglichen Umbauten wissen wir außerdem sehr zu schätzen.

Stefan Frenzel
EKF-diagnostic GmbH, Barleben, Germany

Thanks to M2-Automation GmbH and their iTWO-300P microdispensing instrument, we were able to handle the overwhelming increase of requests during the still-ongoing pandemic.  Within a couple of weeks, we planned and implemented the integration of the iTWO into our routine production cycles and, as a result, our output numbers were significantly multiplied.  The robust and steady workflow we were able to achieve allowed us to deliver uniform products in good time.  Thanks to the excellent technical support provided by the M2-Automation team, we were able to adapt, modify and adjust the system to match our individual needs.  The contribution from M2 was the key element in the process we underwent in order to lift our production to the next level, which enabled us to satisfy our customer needs to a much greater degree.

Marco Kaiser
Project Manager at GenExpress, Gesellschaft für Proteindesign mbH, Germany

We selected our spotter system by quality, flexibility and ease of use. M2-Automation was the perfect choice and not only by the instruments they are offering. The M2-Automation Team walks that extra mile for you whenever needed – just excellent!

Dr. Claudia Gärtner
microfluidic ChipShop GmbH, Jena, Germany

M2-Automation dispensing technologies offer high-precision, speed and good reproducibility for glycan and glycopeptide microarray spotting. This is critical for studies of glycan-protein interactions or for mapping of antibodies recognizing glycan or glycopeptide specific binding epitopes. Besides that, M2-Automation offers an outstanding service support team.

Assoc. Prof. Ulrika Westerlind
Umea University, Sweden

The quality, flexibility, wide volume range and ease of software use was our main priority when we chose M2-Automation dispensing technology. The outstanding application and after-sales support show the attitude of the M2 team's commitment. After experiencing other dispensing technologies, M2-Automation technology is the right choice for our research work.

Mr. Dr. Peter Miethe
CEO fzmb GmbH Bad-Langensalza, Germany

The instrument (iTwo-400) was built according to our application requirements after constructive discussions with M2-Automation. Hands on training by M2-Automation specialists was organised at commissioning and after a few months of operation, which was very useful to quickly acquire the necessary skills. The service is impeccable: quick answer to all our questions and suitable suggestions. Ten years later, we are still very happy that we bought our M2 instrument!

Prof. Dr. Ronnie Willaert
Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium

Martin Müller and his entire team at M2-Automation have supported us with excellent solutions during the initial setup of our first production prototypes all the way long to the implementation of a robust and efficient production facility with minimal maintenance demands. In the initial phase of our collaboration, we benefited most from their enthusiastic passion to identify our specific requirements and the best comprise between perfect technical solutions and a reasonable budget to reach the targets. Over the last years, with a constant production running, their reliable and incredible short termed support as well as their creative solutions to bridge the sometimes unavoidable waiting times for spare parts has been of highest value for our company. If we could put „stars“ here for professionalism, reliability, technical excellence, and last but not least a trustful collaboration, it would be 5 of 5 stars and a clear recommendation. M2-Automation – please carry on like this!

Dr. Volker Heiser
Founder & General Manager of Chipron GmbH Berlin, Germany

M2-Automation saved our robot storage system (other manufacturer) by providing a 2D imaging system to ensure that the robot does accurate positioning.

Olfert Landt
TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH Berlin, Germany

Application Targets

M2-Automation's microarray spotter applications include: DNA arrays, Proteine and Cell microarrays, MALDI-MS sample preparation and target spotting, Diagnostic biomarker assays on multiple substrates (slide, MTP and membrane), Diagnostic biochips, Biosensors, Lab on a chip systems, Analytical approaches Microcavities, Capillary tubes, Semiconductor-based biochips, Microfluidic chips and many more.


Application Solutions